emanzipatorische informations- & kommunikationstechnologien

Who or what is diebin.at?

diebin.at is a feminist server collective.

We operate infrastructure for emancipatory projects, initiatives and activists. We currently support the following services:

We sometimes hold workshops on IT topics, such as Linux Intro, Wordpress, Digital Security.


Infrastructure is political: who develops it? Who maintains it? Who has access to it and knows how to use it? Through our work we want to share knowledge and enable others to be independent of for-profit platforms. Our servers are feminist servers - they are part of a network of communities and they don't apologize when they have a slow day.

For whom?

We are a queer feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist collective. We support non-commercial projects who, like us, try to fight for a better world.

If this resonates with you and you want to use our services, connect with us or participate, reach out!

Get in touch with us

mafalda [ät] diebin [punkt] at (GPG key).

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